Viole appears to appreciate the fresh power you to definitely Ha Jinsung offered him, in the event it wasn’t under the best of circumstances

Viole appears to appreciate the fresh power you to definitely Ha Jinsung offered him, in the event it wasn’t under the best of circumstances

After Viole’s temporary coma adopting the his confrontation with Rachel, Ha Jinsung attempts to remain Viole off the Heck Teach, dreading for Viole’s coverage is he face one other Slayer Applicant rumored to go on panel. Just after Viole renders his attract clear to obtain on the illustrate, Ha Jinsung tries to create him sit because of the force, but is outwitted of the Khun’s plan and he begrudgingly welcomes his pupil’s choice.

Inside a great flashback, this has been found you to definitely Hwa Ryun shall be vicious/beneficial to Baam (restarting new life-threatening/studies stone golem) due to her higher requirement

With the Viole’s avoid from some thing, he generally seems to respect Ha Jinsung much, getting in touch with your teacher even with their make an effort to leave FUG.

When Viole gets to title Look Route and you can shopping Kaiser’s identity, Ha Jinsung pays ten million what to buy Kaiser’s term and you can claims that ten million points commonly that much to own providing his dearest student, Viole. The guy together with contributes that he is perhaps not usually the one preserving Kaiser, however, FUG’s goodness, hence makes reference to Viole.

If the Hell Train finds the very last Channel, and you can Zahard’s Military arrives to recapture Regulars towards the Heck Illustrate, Ha Jinsung prevents Kallavan’s method of getting toward past channel and despite Kallavan’s overwhelming strength, he will not quit even with with their hand lost and then stabbed by Maschenny’s spear, even making use of the history away from their strength to try to avoid her or him. Kallavan teleports into history channel and tells Viole that Ha Jinsung must be dry, and you can Viole is actually overrun having suffering more his master’s obvious death and you will initiate fighting Kallavan. Viole continues assaulting Kallavan, even though it is obvious you to definitely Kallavan is actually way too powerful, even though he works out powering away just like the Karaka told your you to definitely if Viole does not run away however, get grabbed, Ha Jinsung’s lose will become on little. Right now, Baam wants so you can rescue his coach out of Zahard’s Military.

Hwa Ryun: “Currently” a person in FUG. The sole communications they’d to some extent I happened to be inside Top Games, when Hwa Ryun got concealed by herself as among the Regulars having a mission. Whenever she tried to attack Rachel, Baam took the latest assault while the shinsu doing your appeared to lash away within Hwa Ryun spontaneously. New assault cut their mask in half and you can grievously injured her attention. She’s after viewed which have a keen eyepatch throughout the newest series, though it appears that she does not hold on a minute against Baam. She later on revealed that it absolutely was using the lady suggestions that FUG were able to affect Baam towards is Viole. Even if the girl dialogue which have your causes it to be uncertain even if she assists your under FUG’s purchases, or a desire away from her own; with her reacting in the unclear fashion whenever questioned.

This woman is together with one of the first to mention to him because the “my personal jesus”, though it is within an endearing ways as opposed to the reverence almost every other FUG players state it having

Simply II the two of them are very closer, Hwa Ryun acts as Baam’s Publication with the expectation you to Baam increases sufficiently strong enough to at least one day destroy Zahard. She tend to manipulates personal people in Cluster Tangsooyook in a manner one professionals Baam, particularly when FUG players got Viole behind her back and she advised Khun regarding exactly what had happened so you can Viole so he’d visit the Working area Race. Hwa Ryun feedback Viole because the the woman Goodness in addition to a beneficial son. It is not familiar whether she setting he has adult because the Region We to cover their friends or whether or not she her sınavları is striking into the him from the contacting him their kid. She also seems to envision very of Viole to the level out of offering him the brand new Thorn and you can enabling him or her victory this new Tournament. Viole seems to look after their a great deal, getting furious when Reflejo suggests that he has got removed this lady hostage and you can defeated the woman.

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